Why choose jellyPot

Maybe you have an experience with other CMS or you build websites in plain HTML and CSS. Here we explain why JellyPot is a good solution in comparison with some common choices.

JellyPot vs plain HTML

There's a good chance that you stumbled upon JellyPot because you wanted to make your sites editable. Maybe you are looking for a CMS so you don't need to edit all the content manually in code. Or perhaps you built a site for a client and now she asked if she could edit the site herself. If you have never used a CMS before, then JellyPot is a great option. If you are familiar with HTML you will grasp JellyPot's basics right away.

JellyPot vs WordPress

JellyPot is designed and built for content modeling and management. It is not a blogging system that can be used for general content management. The admin UI is clear and simply organized. Coding of the site is easy and straightforward without need for hacks or dirty tricks.

JellyPot vs your own CMS

We call JellyPot meta-CMS: its purpose is rapid development of site-specific custom CMS. JellyPot does away with hassles like crafting UI for content management or designing your templating system. You can then focus on what matters to your clients – building their sites. While XML version is great for smaller sites, JellyPotSQL can be used for projects of any scale. And you can always migrate between these two in a minute.